May 31, 2016



Empire of El Patron

After the launch of King of Coal, the Imaginatio team was approached by gamers with the question:’What’s next guys? Something international?’ The last word was bookmarked. Untill then, we’ve made games specializing in a certain region with it owns specific history. What about a international theme?

Scarab, Miami

During the fall of 2015, Netflix series ‘Narcos’ and ‘El Patron Del Mal’ became very popular in The Netherlands. Petermann who was watching both series was stunned by the story. His remark:’Why don’t we make 2 games about this subject, a PC Game and a boardgame suited for 5 players?’ With the ingredients: strategy, tactics and… becoming a ‘King or Tycoon of Cartels’.

Empire of El Patron - scetch
Congressmember Pablo Escobar

Since Christian Wauben and Danny Engelbert have a lot of field experience in the online gaming industry, the first plan was drawn up to create a management simulation game with a historical background. The player starts in the mid 70’s and has to build up an Empire from stratch to bottom.


It involves everything you can imagine and can encounter as a cartelleader: production, transport, delivery, historical incidents, keeping your staff satisfied, making deals on various fronts, bribing, maintaining your vehicles and so on.

Empire of El Patron

A complete management simulation structure was worked by Engelbert and others based on historical and current information knowledge about the cartels from back then. Petermann Wauben started with the look and feel of the game, characters and the first scetches of a functional interface.


The map of Empire of El Patron involves parts of Latin-America, Central-America and The United States. Various smuggling routes through for example Nicaragua, Cuba or Norman’s Cay were added.

Planta II

Empire of El Patron will be the biggest project in the history of Imaginatio and it will require for more effort then the other projects in the past. During the initial phase, Petermann contacted Pablo Escobar’s son who had recently wrote the book ‘Mi Padre’. Petermann told Juan Pablo about both ideas and asked him if he would like to be part of the storyline adding some unique campaigns to both games from the point of view from the family.

Sebastian Marroquin

Escobar’s son Juan Pablo had a name change after the death of is father in 1993 and is nowadays known as Sebastian Marroquin. He works as a writer and architect and gives lectures. His personal history and unique family footage will give the games the historical background they need.

Norman's Cay - Bahama's

The basic structure is ready and since we are going international, we’ve consulted specialists who advised us to present both games at Kickstarter Crowndfunding. Special pledges (starting with $1 tot $50,000) have been made to get involved, give feedback and off course obtain the games when they are ready to play.

Banco Medellin

Off course, we’ve added stretchgoals for eventually take the next steps. We hope to bring something unique and never seen before in the history of gaming to the market and that fans from ‘Narcos’, ‘El Patron del Mal’ and gamers will embrace our products!

Pledge 'Pablito'
Pledge 'El Patron'