Empire of El Patron was created by Christian Petermann and Sebastian Marroquin (Juan Pablo Escobar). Petermann is a creative director (King of Coal / 1South / 1ParkCity) in the Dutch game era. With the introduction of Netflix series Narcos and El Patron Del Mal, Petermann contacted Marroquin and IT specialist Danny Engelbert to create a game story line for a management tycoon simulation game and a boardgame. Christian Wauben, 3D designer joined the team together with sound designer Mark Puetz. Engelbert and Wauben will be in charge for the PC game team which will contain about 15 engineers working on it. Mark Puetz will compose a special sound design inspired by composers Giorgio Moroder and Jan Hammer. Petermann and Marroquin (Juan Pablo Escobar) will be in charge of the storyline, special campaigns and details.

Empire of El Patron the PC game is a management tycoon game. It starts in the mid seventies. You will start as a cartel leader with starting cash and start building an Empire. The cartel will include all management details which are relevant for an organisation: labs, transport, communication, employees, weapons and all the things you can encounter on your way up by becoming the King of Cartels, for example: making good bribing deals at certain airports, funding guerrillas or establishing a new route through Havana. Every aspect of running a cartel will be implemented. Sebastian Marroquin (Juan Pablo Escobar) will create special unique campaigns based on knowledge and knowings from the family. And offcourse, funders will have a ability to also advise and support us with their ideas. The game will be suited for mid and high and PC’s. The first game version will be expected in october 2016.

Empire of El Patron the boardgame is a tactical strategy tycoon game suited for 5 player. It contains a special designed map of America and is also starts in the mid 70’s. Each player will start his own cartel with an amount of cash. The map is divided into countries and cities and special locations such as the lab development places. Airports, harbours and special islands such a Norman’s Cay are also included on the map.

Fortune and misfortune cards Plomo and Plata are included together which special designed 3D miniatures such as guerillas, guards, trucks, helicopters, speedboats, cargo planes, manufacturing labs and so on. The boardgame will contain special campaigns worked out by Pablo’s son. Pretty obvious, the main target is to become the King of Cartels.

The boardgame will contain about 400 miniatures such as soldiers, planes, trucks, labs and boats, custom made cartel Dollars, gold dices, about 100 cards (Plomo / Plata / Missions etc.), a special making of book signed by Juan Pablo Escobar. The game box will be made in a special pearl white metallic box with Pablo’s head embossed in it. A unique wannahave. The boardgame will be ready in december 2016.