August 12, 2017

Tom Cruise commits crimes for the "good guys" in a new biographical crime film "American Made." Trans World Airlines pilot Barry Seal (Cruise) gets unexpectedly recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency to execute one of the biggest undercover operations in US history.

As a result, he turns from a well-respected TWA pilot to a major contributor in one of the greatest crime in modern history, all in front of the eyes of his wife Lucy (Sarah Wright Olsen).Involvement in CIA's scheme then turns this pilot into a smuggler, informant, patriot and one of the richest men in 1980s America—running crates of AK-47s and kilos of cocaine—which produces him a lot of money as a key figure in the Iran-contra affair.

How does he get away with trading weapons for hostages and beyond training forces of Central and South American kingpins? It's all "fine" because he does it for the good guys. Juan Pablo Escobar worked as an advisor on the script. Release of the movie in september 2017.

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